Dr. David Goodman, Ph.D. Psychologist Associates is a child and family psychology practice located in St. Charles and Oak Brook, Illinois. We have child psychologists who see children and adolescents with depression, anxiety, anger management, ADHD, Asperger’s, behavioral concerns, eating disorders, and other concerns. We also have psychologists who see adults dealing with marital issues, grief, sadness, anxiety, depression, bipolar and other worries.  We find no greater satisfaction in our profession than helping a child, or working through teenage problems with adolescents, providing adult family services, counseling a depressed spouse, or helping a family to reach their goals. You’ll find that our practice is results oriented and research based with the individualized service needed to bring you direction, comfort, healing and hope.

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Our groups and classes are held at our St. Charles and Oak Brook offices, and all are welcome. Click below to find out more, to enroll call (630) 377-3535.


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