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Are you feeling stuck in old patterns of behavior and feelings?  Do you sense something’s missing and that there’s more to life?  It’s common to go through periods in our lives when we’re searching for something more, or feeling unhappy with one or more aspects of our life.  We each carry within us the seeds to live a full and meaningful life.  Know that you don’t have to figure it out all alone.

Our team of seasoned clinical psychologists has extensive experience working with individuals, families, children, adolescents and couples.

We offer help with issues such as:

When your friends and family don’t know what else to say…

We provide the tools and techniques needed to change attitudes and behaviors. Our clients report a significant decrease in depression and anxiety, and a positive increase in their relationships with peers, family and loved ones.

If you feel it’s time to resolve your concerns, please call us at (630) 377-3535 or e-mail us, and our practice manager will contact you. By reaching out to us, you are under no obligation to retain our services. Just know that we’re here and are happy to discuss ways in which we might be helpful to you.


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