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How to Help A Child Who is Struggling To Make Friends

Making a friend is a skill. Some kids are going to be better at this than others, but there are things you can do to help your child who is struggling in this area.

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Don’t we all want to belong?

One of the advantages of adulthood is being able to selectively avoid new situations and, I suppose, that’s a reason, too, why more adults are lonelier than kids.  It sure is tough to make the transition from elementary school to junior high.  Even with old friends by our side, there are the inner jitters of […]

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Infidelity doesn’t have to destroy a relationship

Infidelity in a relationship is often one of the hardest problems to overcome, yet rarely is it a serious sign that a relationship is over. There are couples that are completely devoted to one another yet involved with others outside the relationship. Of course, let’s not kid one another, infidelity can also mean the relationship […]

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We're taking you back to 1993 for a special #TBT issue of the UPDATE featuring thoughts and insights on dual-career couples. In this issue we mention Leave It To Beaver and how it's still relevant in the 90s, but reading through this in 2018, there are STILL some takeaways that are important for couples to share with each other. We hope you enjoy. ...

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