Adult Anxiety Group

Adult Anxiety Group working with adults individually and in a group setting to help cope with the anxiety and stress in every day life that may be causing one to fear and avoid situations. The psychologist uses a combination of hypnosis, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Clients gain the skills to recontextualize issues, accept themselves and commit to needed behavioral change.

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Child Anxiety Group

Child Anxiety Group for children ages 8 to 12 to assist them with ways to self soothe, tools to confront their fears and avoidance in a healthy way, acceptance of themselves, and tools to assist them in the many stress-filled situations that come up in life.

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Social Skills Groups

Social skills like conversational turn taking and initiating friendships are difficult for many children. They simply need to be taught via fun and engaging activities.

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Teen Girls Group

We are offering an on-going teen girls group that provides a safe environment to process emotions and increase comfort levels in social situations. The group focuses on self-esteem, self-awareness, improving social interaction, mood and self-care incorporating hypnosis, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy. Activities, initiatives, and games allow for exploration and learning of more effective social and coping strategies.

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