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David Goodman, Ph.D. has been practicing in St. Charles, Illinois for over 30 years, specializing in marital and family counseling. He earned his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1979. “While my master’s degree education favored a client-centered approach, my doctoral studies and subsequent professional practice have taught me the view that the best test of anything is: Does it work?

My style is very interactive. I have learned that people value my directness, attention to measurable outcome, high feedback, role-playing and homework assignments. I typically use the back of my professional card to write my prescriptions. Over the years, I have discovered a few clients have saved these directives like baseball cards. I am convinced of the importance of involving significant others in the counseling process, when possible. As a psychologist, I find it a privilege to be trusted by so many people as I help them along the journey of life.

Couple’s Counseling

Marriage counseling is like assembling an airplane in flight.  It is highly stressful, highly volatile and potentially explosive.  My work with couples is to help rebuild their relationship.  Couples therapy works best when it focuses on the perpetuating patterns that are driving couples apart and what positive steps each person can take touching them.  In my professional experience, I see couples struggling with feelings of loneliness, emotional/sexual distance, stress and anxiety, difficulties with anger, problems with alcohol or drugs, stepfamily issues, including dealing with an ex-spouse.  It is important to work at a level that goes beyond simply learning better communication skills. We need to get to the heart of what is troubling the couple and take action on their goals so that their problems can be resolved. I believe that if both people want to work on the marriage and will hang in there and do the homework that I give them, the marriage and their relationship will succeed. I am the last person to give up on a marriage, not the first person. Within the first couple of sessions, each partner should feel that I understand his or her point of view and am actively structuring the sessions. The relationship should be improving by 8-10 sessions.

Going alone to individual counseling for marital problems increases the chance of divorce, research shows, because the client is telling only one side of the story to an empathetic therapist, so it becomes a gripe session about how unhappy the person is in the relationship and the absent partner starts to look like even more of a monster, exacerbating the couple’s polarization. That is not to say it is never appropriate to see an individual therapist for relationship problems. For example, if one partner’s depression or commitment issues caused the discord, that person might benefit from individual counseling to work on those personal issues (though if the marital problems came before the depression, couples therapy is the way to go). It can be helpful to bring in the partner for a session or two.

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