Jody_PlowmanJody L. Plowman, LCSW

Children, Adolescents, Families, Marital and Adults

Jody Plowman is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes working with children, adolescents, families, marital and adults. She practices out of the Oak Brook office.  Jody earned her Master’s Degree in Social work from George Williams College at Aurora University. She has worked for nineteen years in schools, hospitals, agencies and private practice. She is a specialist in community and school crisis counseling and has worked with organizations that have suffered a crisis.  She has also taught crisis counseling to mental health providers. 

Children, Adolescents, Families

One of my strengths lies in working with adolescents, adults and families who are dealing with complex emotional and social issues including anxiety, ADHD (both with adults and children), Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavior challenges, interpersonal relationships, mood disorders, grief and trauma.  I also have experience in working with the LGBTQ population. 

Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorder

The need to bond with others is a basic human need.  The very definition of Asperger’s is to have trouble fulfilling that need.  Isolation is a hallmark of the lives of many on the spectrum who are alone.  Isolation and loneliness can be the most painful parts of growing up on the spectrum and can lead to bullying.   It can be hard for children and adolescents  to be able to tell a friend from an enemy.  Extra help, socialization tools and support for children, adolescents and adults is important to help in building confidence.   I believe, that children with Asperger’s and Autism be encouraged to have some conversational currency with peers such as being aware of sports championships, players, team rankings, and game rules, or something about American Idol, or whatever the current television program is, as a way of connecting with peers on their level. I think it is important to practice communication skills and to learn to tolerate frustration.  Biology is not necessarily destiny.

Marital and Individual Counseling

Jodi also works with adults in individual and marital counseling.

If you could start your life over, what would you do differently?  When it comes to regret the person you most often must forgive is yourself.  Regrets are a part of life; we all have things we have done of which we are ashamed.  You do not have to beat yourself up, but learn from the experience.  I find that teaching individuals, couples, and families to have compassion for themselves and each other while they are working through their challenges is key in terms of providing relief and promoting a healthy life balance.  Why be hard on each other and ourselves when we are already going through a tough time?  Being kind to ourselves and taking steps to solve our problems are essential in building positive self-esteem.

Gaining perspective over our problems is important. There is a burden to shame and at the core is a failure of self-esteem. I have seen highly educated professionals, gifted and talented young people, as well as good, caring parents struggle with self-esteem issues because they are ashamed that they have challenges in their life. We are all ordinary people struggling to cope with life’s trials.

I am a strong believer in Cognitive Behavior Therapy along with Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, because I know that creating a healthy emotional balance within us and in our relationships positively impacts all areas of life.  Physical health, education, and careers all improve when our emotional house is in order. Working together we can improve both your inner and outer life. 

Depression, ADHD, Behavior and Defiance, Anger Management, Parenting, Trauma and Resilience, Self-Esteem, Anxiety


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